The Castle Compliance Club is the ideal solution for smaller landlords who need support with compliance management. It combines the power of True Compliance’s compliance management system, the flexibility of tailoring your own specific compliance needs and Cordery Castle’s consultancy support. Joining the club provides access to expertise, tools, chatting with other club members, and resources to help you manage your compliance streams more effectively.

With three levels of support, there will be something to help you meet your compliance responsibilities.

The cost for providing True Compliance’s management system is broken down to a dwelling basis making it more affordable to landlords with small portfolios. Doing it this way allows the Club to build its unit base to offer the same efficiency large landlords can achieve through economies of scale.

If you need support with your compliance needs and require some further guidance, please feel free to drop us a line at or ring either 07508 517175 or 0208 050 7424.

This gives a quick overview of what we can bring to your organisation.

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