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Who is Castle Compliance?


Everything You Want to Know

Castle Compliance Club provides smaller housing providers with access to True Compliance’s user friendly and intuitive compliance management and monitoring technology that normally only larger providers can afford.

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Tim has been a senior manager for various social providers with over 38 years’ experience working in construction and property management. He has for the majority of that time worked for housing associations undertaking and controlling all forms of maintenance, sustainability and asset management. Tim is a qualified Chartered Building Engineer being a Fellow of the Chartered Association of Building Engineers.

Director of Asset Management

For over 15 years Jo has worked with internal and external partners to deliver projects for a variety of stakeholders. With a background in supported housing asset management, she has also worked in the charitable sector writing business cases and managing capital projects. Jo is skilled in using software to improve housing and project management.

Head of Operations

With over 35 years of experience, my aim has been a simple one to ‘make a positive difference’ for each Client on every project or challenge undertaken. I particularly enjoy working with Clients’ teams and departments, helping staff to build their confidence and achieve great things. We strive to provide tailor-made solutions to each of our clients.

Managing Director

Our staff are…

  • Highly experienced Social Housing practitioners
  • Able to hit the ground running
  • High calibre individuals
  • Able to analyse problems quickly and provide feedback in any format
  • Able to develop and manage action plans
  • Self motivated
  • Committed to making a difference
  • Fun to work with