With the expanding building safety requirements to provide inspections, analysis, reporting and repairs, social housing providers are under pressure to have a reliable and auditable way of reporting performance. But also, clear and straightforward to manage. Small housing providers have a unique problem, there will be pressure for staff to multitask within their organisation sharing their work life with other just as important tasks. We are here to help with organising your compliance responsibilities and developing best practices to allow multitasking with confidence.

Castle Compliance Club
An all-inclusive & affordable compliance solution for smaller housing providers

The Castle Compliance Club is the ideal solution for smaller landlords needing compliance management support. It combines the power of True Compliance’s compliance management software, the ability to tailor resources to meet your own specific compliance needs, and Cordery Castle’s consultancy support. Joining the club provides access to expertise, tools, problem-solving with other club members, and all the resources to help you manage your compliance streams more effectively.



Our expert management team will take guide you through all aspects of your compliance requirements.

Highly experienced Social Housing practitioners
Able to hit the ground running
High calibre individuals
Able to analyse problems quickly and provide feedback in any format
Able to develop and manage action plans
Self motivated
Committed to making a difference
Fun to work with


Time saving, secure, and accurate data handling covering

A comprehensive solution for your requirements.

  • Gas Safety – Domestic and communal compliance and management of remedial works
  • Fire Safety – FRA and equipment servicing compliance and management of remedial works
  • Water Quality – Domestic and communal compliance and management of remedial works
  • Electrical Safety – Domestic and communal compliance, lightning protection and management of remedial works
  • Asbestos – Domestic and communal sampling, re-inspections and contractor access to information.
  • Insurance Inspections – Lifts, playgrounds and pressure vessels compliance, servicing and management of remedial works
  • Plus any other area where compliance needs to be monitored, a PDF can be produced, and rules set to manage the compliance process.

Benefits of the Castle Compliance Club

Castle Compliance Club provides smaller housing providers with access to True Compliance’s user friendly and intuitive compliance management and monitoring technology that normally only larger providers can afford.

Rather than focusing on a whole load of compliance data and wondering where to start, the software presents data in an easy to consume and visible way.  Whether you’re a fire risk surveyor or Head of Compliance, the system can be configured to your requirements and is adaptable as your priorities change; keeping you focused on the most important things and giving you real-time actionable intelligence.

Castle Compliance Club is not just a compliance tool, it is backed by Cordery Castle who, with many years of collective housing experience, are perfectly placed to assist you on your journey to full compliance.  We don’t stop at getting you up and running with the system, we can also help with process creation and refinement if you need some help in setting up, for example, a robust asbestos or fire risk assessment process to a point of giving you confidence in your compliance to run the projects yourself.

For areas which might be data restricted (or what we’d call ‘light on data’), our team can help you to cover areas regardless of compliance stream, whether this is relative to Fire, Gas, Water, Electrical, Asbestos, Lifts, or Insurance Inspections.

The other benefits of working with us includes reducing your carbon footprint and supporting your green agenda by improving digitisation of compliance documents and reducing paper-based working.  Not to mention reducing those spreadsheets which, once exported from your core systems become ‘dead data’ and become another ‘silo’ and a minefield for more data inaccuracies.

With three levels of support, there will be something to help you meet your compliance responsibilities.

Castle Managed Support

  • complete provision of inputting compliance data
  • building compliance programmes and overseeing performance of contractors
  • reports on compliance provided regularly
  • compliance actions monitored and managed on clients behalf
  • access to a compliance/regulatory forum

Castle Mild Support

  • support and assistance to the in-house team
  • support client staff in building compliance programmes and reviewing performance of contractors
  • reports on compliance provided regularly
  • access to a compliance/regulatory forum

Castle Overview Support

  • support and assistance to the in-house team when requested
  • overview compliance programmes and  performance of contractors providing client with feedback and suggestions
  • high level management summary
  • access to a compliance/regulatory forum

What is the annual cost to you?
The three levels of service plan are priced to allow access to True Compliance software plus our support costs and we work with you to determine which service plan best fits and tailor the support you need for your organisation.
If you are not sure which plan is best for you, please complete our short questionnaire and we will contact you for a discussion on the results.
The cost for providing True Compliance’s management system is broken down to a dwelling basis making it more affordable to landlords with small portfolios. Doing it this way allows the Club to build its unit base to offer the same efficiency large landlords can achieve through economies of scale.

For a confidential chat on compliance please contact us.